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remote teams looking for thoughtful communication.

Having organized discussion that stay on topic and respect everybody's focus-time doesn't have to be hard as a remote team.

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David Cortéz
Anyone got the link to our hackathon poll?
Lisa Chang
I just can't find it... 😅
Julia Hamilton
Hey everyone, meet Edgar our new designer 🎉
Looking for feedback on the API v1 for ...
Lisa Chang
Hey can you send me that sales report from last week?
Carsten (JIRA)
You've been assigned a new task...
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Communi­cation is the #1 challenge for remote teams

With remote work, you have to be much more purposeful and planned in your communications.


In fact, many remote workers struggle with unplugging from their work, loneliness and communicating.


Email is familiar. It’s comfortable. It’s easy to use. But it might just be the biggest killer of time and productivity in the office today.

Keep conversations organized, close communication gaps

Because every conversation is a thread, sorted away in a separate channel and completely searchable, nothing is ever lost in unrelated streams of messages.

How does it compare to Slack? How does it compare to Twist?

Bring calm and transparency to your team's communication

Everybody knows who saw a thread and who marked it for follow-up at any time. If you think a person should participate in a conversation, a simple @mention will notify them asynchronously next time they are active.

Be respectful of your team's focus-time.

Every team member decides the interval in which they receive updates and how they want to be notified, making room for focus-time and a more individual way of collaborating.

Improving the way we communicate means improving teamwork.

You cannot over-communicate in a remote team. Instead of online/offline indicators, let your team know what you're working on by setting a status everybody can see at a glance.


Channels help you organizing your discussions by topic, department, project etc. Channels can be public or private, so not everybody can enter.


Threads keep conversations organized by topic so it’s easy to come back to them hours, days, or even years later. Threads can have public URLs too.


@Mention somebody to notify them about a discussion you want their eyes on and they will get an async notification right away.


Mark discussions as follow-ups to remember important threads you want to come back to. The whole team can see that you will follow up.


Every user has their own profile and activity stream and can set a status to let the rest of the team know what they're up to.


A powerful search through all of your channels, threads, attachments, etc. let's you find everything quickly without wasting time.

There is no over­communi­cating in a remote team.