Improving team communication means improving productivity

Fewer interruptions, more focus

While Slack can feel like an open-plan office, Playgroup aims to be the library you go to when looking for a quite place to get work done. Every member decides when to get updates and how they want to be notified, making way for a calmer and more thoughtful way of working.

Organized and persistent

No comment gets buried in an endless stream of messages that don't stay on topic. Because everything is organized in threads and fully searchable, your discussions don't get fragmented and are easy to follow. Even when coming back from a vacation it is easy to catch up and participate.

Easier collaboration than ever

You can turn every thread into a public thread, which gives you a sharable URL that you can use to let anybody participate. No need to onboard guests or even pay for them. Simply share a public URL with them, optionally set a password, and anybody can read or participate in your discussions.

Transparent and easy to follow

Mentions and follow-ups allow every member to ping the right person and see if they are following a thread or already saw it. No more guessing. Setting a status allows team members to let others know what they're working on or struggling with.

Keep conversations organized, close communication gaps

Because every conversation is a thread, sorted away in a separate channel and completely searchable, nothing is ever lost in unrelated streams of messages.

Bring calm and transparency to your team's communication

Everybody knows who saw a thread and who marked it for follow-up at any time. If you think a person should participate in a conversation, a simple @mention will notify them asynchronously next time they are active.

Be respectful of your team's focus-time.

Every team member decides the interval in which they receive updates and how they want to be notified, making room for focus-time and a more individual way of collaborating.

Improving the way we communicate means improving teamwork.

You cannot over-communicate in a remote team. Instead of online/offline indicators, let your team know what you're working on by setting a status everybody can see at a glance.

The features you need to succeed as a remote team.

  • Less distractions and more focus-time for the whole team
  • Organized discussions by default – keep everybody on the same page
  • Easy and seamless collaboration with third parties
  • Preserve and search collective knowledge and solutions to discussions
  • Less stress, and clutter β€” more fun working together!

Combined with those you might enjoy in a communication tool.

  • Flat learning curve – You'll feel at home quickly, using established navigation patterns
  • Clean and minimalistic writing experience
  • Seamless integration with Slack and more integrations on the way
  • Publicly sharable URL for any thread with a single click
  • Coming back from a vacation without feeling overwhelmed


Every user has their own profile and activity stream and can set a status to let the rest of the team know what they're up to.


Channels help you organizing your discussions by topic, department, project etc. Channels can be public or private, so not everybody can enter.


Threads keep conversations organized by topic so it’s easy to come back to them hours, days, or even years later. Threads can have public URLs too.


@Mention somebody to notify them about a discussion you want their eyes on and they will get an async notification right away.


Mark discussions as follow-ups to remember important threads you want to come back to. The whole team can see that you will follow up.


A powerful search through all of your channels, threads, attachments, etc. let's you find everything quickly without wasting time.

Pinned Threads

Pin important threads to the top of a channel. Perfect for company-wide announcements or general info when onboarding.


Get a shareable URL for any thread and let outside people participate through it, without the need to create an account.


Always let your peers know what you're up to or struggling with, by setting a status everybody can see at a glance.