A place for those discussions, you wouldn't have in Slack

Less stress and distractions for your team

While Slack can feel like an open-plan office, Playgroup aims to be the library you go to when looking for a quite place to get work done. Remove the urgency to respond and the constant storm of notifications from your team's communication.

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Replacement or complement

Slack is great for synchronous and fast communication that doesn't need to be visible for a long time. However when you need permanent visibility and long for a calmer, more organized way of communicating, Playgroup might be the right tool for you. Whether you want to replace Slack completely, or just complement it with a long-term memory — Playgroup can help achieve that.

Keep everybody on the same page

Organized threads instead of fragmented conversations

  • Staying on topic is hard, due to Slack's real-time nature and a constant stream of messages
  • Often conversations are moved off Slack to keep them accessible for a longer time
  • Decisions get burried under a lot of unrelated messages, even when using threads
  • Everything is a thread, making it easy to keep discussion focussed on one topic over time
  • Important discussions can live in Playgroup forever, without being hard to find
  • Threads are easy to find, can be archived, pinned to the top and are 100% searchable

Respect your team's focus time and remove distractions

Conscious updates instead of permanently paying attention

  • Constantly demanding your team's attention
  • Syncronous by nature. Having long discussions over time is difficult because everything moves quickly
  • Notifications and fast moving chats create a constant sense of urgency
  • Respectful of everybody's focus-time and attention
  • Asyncronous by nature. Threads stay on topic, no matter how much time passes or who went on a vacation in between
  • Deliberately choose an interval for updates and how you want to be notified

But wait, there's more...
Easily collaborate with outisde people

With Playgroup you can turn every thread into a publicly accessible site. With a single click you get a sharable URL that anybody can access. You can even password-protect it, so outside collaborators can simply join your discussions without even signing up.

Check out the example to see public threads in action:
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