Better communication through transparency and smart organization

Work calm and organized

Compared to Twist, we ditched the classic inbox pattern, where everything you missed is just stacked on top. Instead there is a general activity feed for everything that happened in your team and @mentions and follow-ups for those discussions that truly require your input.

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Communicate more transparently

Because what matters most in a team are the people, Playgroup let's you see each member's profile and status. Besides general infos such as timezone, profiles let everybody see what discussions their peers have participated in lately. On top of that everybody can set a dedicated status to let people know what they're working on or struggling with at the moment.

Free your team from urgency and clutter — increase productivity

Truely asynchronous and neatly organized communication

  • Classic inbox pattern, where everyhting is stacked on top
  • No separation of discussions that drectly involve you and those that don't
  • No possibility to follow up on discussions or letting others know you will follow up soon
  • No inbox and unread notifications for anything except mentions
  • A mix of follow-ups and mentions allows to separate what really needs your attention
  • Follow-ups allow you to come back to a discussion later and everyboy looking at a thread will know about it

Communicate transparently

Always be in the know who is keeping an eye on discussions

  • No clear indication who saw your threads
  • No way to communicate who is working on what
  • No easy integration with Slack. With Twist it's all or nothing if you make the change
  • Always be in the know about who saw a thread and who wants to follow up
  • Setting a status allows to easily communicate what everybody's up to
  • Instead of a complete replacement you can complement Slack with Playgroup or transition gradually, depending on your needs

But wait, there's more...
Easily collaborate with outisde people

With Playgroup you can turn every thread into a publicly accessible site. With a single click you get a sharable URL that anybody can access. You can even password-protect it, so outside collaborators can simply join your discussions without even signing up.

Check out the example to see public threads in action:
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